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Have an urgent or routine need for psychiatric and behavioral health services?

At VARDS, our psychologists and psychiatric providers are trained to help you within all areas of your urgent mental health need with an individualized holistic medical approach. Whether you’re looking for routine care, an immediate solution, or just want some advice on how to deal with a specific situation, we can help.


Ike Uzowulu​


Ike Uzowulu is a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with 9+ years of experience treating patients of varying ethnicities and ages.

Onyi Duruji


Onyi Duruji is a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. He graduated from Texas Southern University in 2012 with a BS in Biology and continued on to Marymount University where he completed his BSN in 2015. After that, Onyi worked as a behavioral health nurse at various psychiatric settings. Onyi graduated in 2019 with masters in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Chika Odili, NP
Chika Odili


Dear future Patients, my name is Chika Odili and I’m a board-certified nurse practitioner. I know we haven’t met yet, but when we do, please trust that you are in good hands.  It is my absolute pleasure to assist in your care. I completed my bachelor’s in nursing Degree and began working as a Registered Nurse in a Pediatric Unit caring for the psychiatric population. Shortly after, I completed a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas (Houston) and thus far, I have worked in various settings including Hospitals and outpatient settings in Texas. In an effort to cope with grief after losing my father, I relocated to New York and continued with my passion to restore lost hope. In my free time, you can find me at home watching educational documentaries, in the gym, traveling, and trying to do all the things that make life worth enjoying and living. Whether you are new to mental health or you’ve been working on improving yourself for a while, it is my goal to help you achieve mental clarity, inner peace, and overall wellness.

Anita Sassaman


Anita is a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with more than 8 years of experience. Anita works with children and adult populations. She received her Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from University of Cincinnati and her Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from Arizona State University. Aside from being a psychiatric NP, she is also a Captain in US Army Reserve. She was born and raised in Indonesia, immigrated to USA about 17 years ago and received all her nursing education and training in USA. In her free times, she loves to travel.

Telehealth Psychiatrist - Closing the Mental Health Care Gap

At VARDS, we’re revolutionizing mental health care by closing the gap between affordable and effective mental health care. Working together with mental health specialists, psychologists and psychiatrists, we provide you with easy access to professional help for your psychological struggles.

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Telepsych is the way to go. I like the sense of urgency attached to Vards service. I cant even compare the outcome and wait time to the free standing ER by my house.

Emily Thompson


Virtual Appointments from Your Home Chat with your therapist and provider through email, phone call, video conferencing, and text messaging.

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VARDS, or Virtual Allied Remote Diagnostic Services, provides superb diagnostic assessments, therapeutic counseling, and medicinal treatment to patients who struggle with acute or chronic psychiatric behavioral disorders, erectile dysfunction, mood disorders, ADHD, sleep disorders, personality disorders, depression, and/or anxiety disorders.   

Our patients enjoy the convenience of virtual consultations from the comfort of their home through email, phone call, video conferencing, and text messaging.  

VARDS licensed therapists provide urgent psychiatric care at an affordable price, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

After you complete the free sign-up process, VARDS will match you to a Psychiatrist, mental health Nurse Practitioner, or a Counselor who is best suited for you based on your objectives, preferences, and reported symptoms. However, if at any point you feel like your mental health provider is not a good fit for you, we will be more than happy to pair you with another therapist who can meet your needs.

Our mental health professionals are fully licensed, experienced, and accredited in the mental health field. They are all board certified, accumulated over 2,000 hours of hands-on experience, and are excellent communicators.

VARDS performs stringent background checks on each mental health provider, cross-checks their references, and continually ensures that their licensing is in good standing with their respective state board. We not only vet our therapists’ medical credentials but we also require all mental health providers to complete a certified personality assessment along with a case study exam. VARDS only accepts clinicians who excel at this rigorously comprehensive interview process.

Everyone can sign-up on the VardsUrgentPsych.com website for free!

There is a fee to schedule appointments with VARDS therapists, which is dependent on the length of the consultation, urgency of the appointment, and the credentialed qualification of the mental health professional. Patients will be billed prior to their appointment.

Pricing for patients who have never scheduled an appointment with VARDS is $275.

Pricing for returning patients who have scheduled at least one appointment with VARDS within 60 days of their last appointment with VARDS is $125.

VARDS patients may cancel their appointments without a cancellation fee up until the 24 hour mark before their scheduled visit. Please note that a cancelation fee will be assessed to patients who cancel any time after the 23 hour mark of their scheduled consultation.  

All patients who seek urgent psychiatric services may request a super-bill, which will allow them to pursue a refund from their respective insurance carriers as eligibility for reimbursement may vary.

Patients who scheduled at least one appointment with VARDS within 60 days of their last appointment with VARDS.

Patients who have never scheduled an appointment or seen by a VARDS provider. Patients who fail to schedule at least one appointment with VARDS within 90 days of their last appointment with VARDS.

Although the VARDS providers are licensed and certified mental health practitioners, their virtual services is not intended to replace traditional face-to-face therapy.

VARDS clinicians are qualified to assess and treat your psychopathy, however, in some cases our therapists may be unable to officially diagnose and/or prescribe long-term medication management such as cases that require medical clearance. VARDS patients will be informed if medical clearance is required during their consultation.

VARDS accepts the following insurance providers for non-urgent psychiatric services: Regence, Tri-care, UBH-Optum, Cigna, Aetna, and Premera. Patients with different insurances may request superbill to help them get reimbursed.

VARDS specializes in treating patients with psychiatric disorders. Please contact your primary care provider for non-psychiatric and other medical issues.

An overview of Telepsychiatry

The provision of various services, such as psychiatric examinations, individual treatment, group therapy, family therapy, patient education, and medication management,...

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